About Emily

Emily Reigart
I’m an editor and writer with a passion for words, ideas and the editorial process.

I currently work for NewBay Media’s Broadcast & Video group as managing editor for Radio magazine and a contributing editor for Radio World. My job involves writing and editing articles, social media engagement and collaborating with authors to develop story and column ideas for Radio and Radio World magazines.

I also regularly use Adobe Photoshop to prep photos for use online. I’m finding the position to be both fun and challenging as I gain experience in technical writing and HTML coding. Additionally, I’ve attended trade shows as support staff, where I worked on daily publications and learned more about the broadcast industry by visiting with vendors and advertisers. I also am my team’s go-to person for live tweeting events, webinars and press conferences!

Outside of work, I spend my time cooking, reading, running and traveling. I’m also a news and political junkie (no surprise, given the area I’ve chosen as my adopted home).

I’m glad that you’ve come across this website, which houses my digital portfolio (clips and photography).  If you’d like to learn more, you can contact me via email, LinkedIn or Twitter.


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